Primary Audition: Tuesday, December 19 at 3pm until complete

Callback: Wednesday, December 20 at 3pm until complete


Sign-in will be in the UHS Theatre please report there first. Vocal auditions and callbacks will be in room A103

Primary Auditions

Dance Audition

Everyone interested in being cast in the production must complete a dance audition to be eligible. You will be taught a short combination by the choreographer and then be asked to perform it in small groups. Please be sure to wear clothing that you can move well in and shows off your body. Remember to sell and perform the dance; acting and creating a character must be part of your presentation. If you have any tumbling ability, please be sure to let the choreographer know. 

Acting & Vocal Audition

You need to prepare memorized 32 bars of a song in the style of the show. An accompanist will be provided, so make sure that you have sheet music in the correct key. A cappella singing will not be permitted. This selection should be of your own choosing but NOT from the show. You want to select something that shows off your voice and ability to tell the story. Get us to think of you in the world of the show. This is not just a vocal audition, take the time to create simple staging, understand the story and make strong acting choices while you sing. When you first come into the room give us your signed audition application, then go directly to the accompanist and let them know what you would like them to do in terms of when to begin and what tempo to play. After this, introduce yourself to the room in this format:

"Hello I am (your full name) and today I will be performing (song title) from the musical (title of the show) music by (composer's name) and lyrics by (lyricists name)"

Then you would perform your selection. Once you are done don't forget to take your music before you exit the room. 


General Overview:

In the evening following the primary auditions, a list will be posted on this site of who we would like to see again, and what specific role they are in consideration for. Please make sure to look the list over carefully to make sure you do not miss anything. Once you know what role you are in consideration for, look at all of the associated material for that character. Typically there are several scenes and songs that you will need to prepare for callbacks. Just because you are called back does not mean that you are guaranteed to present all of your callback material. 

Being Prepared:

Preparation is the key to success in callbacks. Do not try to read the material for the first time in front of the
production team. This is a waste of time and demonstrates that you can not follow directions. The better prepared you are the easier it is for you to play and have fun with your choices during the audition. Make sure that you know all of your music very well, we DO NOT teach the music in the callback. All of the sides and recordings you will use are posted via a Dropbox folder below. Take the time to practice before the auditions. Callbacks are about not only seeing how well play the role but also determining if you have all the needed skills and chemistry with the other performers. While it is not a requirement, many performers memorize their material and also come in with a polished finished performance. This is not a guarantee, but definitely, helps your chances of getting the role you are called for. 

Some Ideas for Learning about the Show:

Read the script, listen to the music and do your research. (download the script, youtube the movie(s), google it). Make sure that you understand who you are playing, what is going on in the scene and how this scene fits into the overall
play. It would also be smart to practice with other actors who have been asked to read the same sides with you. Remember that during music callbacks you are expected to act and interpret the song. Preparation is the key to success. Make strong creative choices in the callback. Know who you are and what you want at every moment. 


The version we will be presenting is closest to the original Mary Martin edition, not the Cathy Rigby Version. 

Please be sure you read and understand everything 

PETER PAN Audition Information