• All crew members are required to complete a minimum of 10 complete shifts. You are responsible for signing up on the google sheet for your shifts. 6 of these shifts must be completed by Sunday, February 11, 2018. You are not permitted to add additional spaces to the shifts, we need a consistent workforce spread over our process for this activity to work.
  • All crew members must maintain a minimum of a 2.5 GPA to remain part of the company. Grades will be checked at regular intervals.
  • Students are released for dinner for one hour during some rehearsals. Students who leave campus are NOT the responsibility of the staff.
  • Crew members are responsible for signing up for regular shifts. At mandatory rehearsals and work sessions crew members are to be on time and present, and do not receive credit for these mandatory shifts. 
  • All crew members will wear clothing that they can work in and closed toe shoes at each session. Crew members understand that they will potentially be painting or using other materials that could get on clothing.
  • All crew members are required to sell a minimum of four (4) tickets each.
  • Students are expected to schedule ALL doctor’s appointments, haircuts and other miscellaneous activities around our work schedule. No acceptations will be made for things that you are in control of, this production needs to be your priority. You must be present when you are called for this production to work.
  • Poor general attendance and/or attitude will eliminate a student from the organization at the director’s discretion. Excuses given other than those mentioned above will be accepted at the staff’s discretion, regardless of the source. The Board of Education Disciplinary Code is in full effect at all functions.
  • All crew members are required to purchase a production T-shirt to be worn at various events. This shirt costs $15.00 and the money is due Tuesday, January 16, 2018, via the website.
  • Parental cooperation is needed in order to follow up on attendance regulations. This, with teacher effort, will ensure the safety and health of the students.
  •   Running crew must attend “the all-day dress rehearsal” (3/15/18) and the “school/senior citizen performance (3/16/18). This involves missing two days of school. Students will be placed on a field trip list. Students must make arrangements with their teachers BEFORE to make up any missed school work.
  • During tech week the crew is expected to stay and complete any last minute projects. This may result in late hours not to pass midnight in the week prior to opening.
  • All students are required to stay after the final performance on Sunday, March 25, 2018, till 9:00 pm to begin strike and attend all other scheduled strike times that follow. This is in addition to the required scenic construction time.
  • Full crew is required to be at all rehearsals/work sessions during the last month of production March 1st to March 28th. No exceptions! This is in addition to the required construction shifts. 
  • Students are required to check the production callboard in A103 and the Google Calendar on UHSPAC.com daily and for changes in schedule and announcements. 

Students involved in crew learn about and participate in all of the backstage elements of putting on a large-scale musical. Students have the opportunity to learn scenic carpentry, scenic painting, lighting, and sound. Please make sure to read through all of the requirements for participation. 

The first mandatory crew meeting is on Wednesday, January 10 from 3:00PM-5:00PM in the Union High School Theatre. Please enter through door 49. This is by the benches on the North 3rd Street side of the building.  

Peter Pan crew