Internet Broadway Database
Complete database of all the shows, people and material that have been on Broadway. Great resource for finding more material by the same composer or performer.

Internet Off-Broadway Database
Listing of all Off-Broadway shows. Helpful for learning about smaller shows and cross referencing composers and performers.
A news site about the latest happenings in theatre, including information of student rush tickets and standing room policies. 

Playbill Vault
An online library of playbills/programs from most Broadway shows, including production photos.

Playbill EDU
A resource for students interested in pursuing the arts in college.
A news website with lots of great behind the scenes video

Musicals 101
All about the history of musicals

Blue Gobo
A collection of videos of various songs from musicals

Broadway The American Musical
Documentary following the historical development of the Broadway Musical. Please use this link to catch up if you miss something. 

MLA Format Guide

Guide to the Modern Language Association format for writing academic papers put out by Purdeu University

Musical Theatre Class 2016-2017

This is your resource for your class. Most of the documents will require a free Adobe Reader to view. If you don't have it you can download it here:

If you have questions you can email me here:

Class Deadlines


  • Thursday Sept 8, 2016- Guidelines & Expectations Due Signed by Parent or Guardian
  • Thursday Sept. 29 at 3pm- Footloose Auditions
  • Friday Sept. 30 at 3pm- Footloose Callbacks
  • Thursday January 12, 2017- Fall Play Review Due
  • Friday October 7, 2016 Crew Meeting 5:00pm-8:00pm
  • Fall Show T-Shirt Money Due- Oct. 17, 2016
  • Deadline for Fall Ads & Posters- Monday Nov. 21, 2016
  • Last Day for Fall Crew Credit- Sunday Nov. 6, 2016
  • Footloose Performances- Dec. 8-11
  • Crew begins for Cinderella, Fri Jan 6, 2017
  • Spring T-Shirt Money Due- Jan. 23, 2017 
  • Deadline for Spring Ads/Posters- March 6, 2017
  • Final Day of Crew for Classes- March. 19, 2017 
  • ​Cinderella Performances- March 31 to April 9, 2017
  • Friday June 9, 2017- Spring Play Review Due