Union's Got Talent 2016

Spring 2016: Mary Poppins

Fall 2015: Union Goes to Hollywood

Spring 2015: Sophisticated Ladies

Winter 2014: A Christmas Carol

Fall 2014: A Grand Night for Singing​

Union's Got Talent 2014

Spring 2014: Miss Saigon: School Edition

Spring Trip 2014

  • Spirit of Union- UHSPAC Wins in Boston
  • NJ.com- UHSPAC Wins Big in Boston
  • NJ.com- Union Scores High in Heritage Festival

Fall 2013: In The Heights

  • In The Heights
  • Spirit of Union

Winter 2013: Union Celebrates Broadway

  • NJ.com- Union Celebrates Broadway a Great Success
  • NJ.com- UHSPAC Runs Broadway Benefit Concert
  • Spirit of Union- Union Celebrates Broadway

Winter 2013: Union's Got Talent

  • NJ.com- Union's Got Talent Auditions
  • NJ.com- Union's Got Talent Performances
  • NJ.com- Union's Got Talent Show
  • Spirit of Union- Union's Got Talent

Spring 2013: Cats

  • Paper Mill Rising Star Nominations
  • UHSPAC Nominated for 14 Rising Stars
  • Cats Wins 5 Paper Mill Rising Star Awards
  • Spirit of Union- UHSPAC Wins Big at the Rising Star Awards
  • Spirit of Union- UHSPAC
  • Spirit of Union- UHSPAC presents Cats

Fall 2012: Xanadu

  • UHS to Present Xanadu
  • Broadwayworld.com- UHSPAC Presents Xanadu
  • NJInsideOut.com- Xanadu at Union
  • NJ.com-Company of Xanadu organizes a Sandy Relief Drop Off

Spring 2012: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

  • Broadwayworld.com- Spotlight of Forum at UHS
  • NJ.com- Union to Present Forum
  • NJ.com- Rising Star Wins

2010: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

2009: Forty-Second Street

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